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Clean Your Rain Gutters

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  There are a lot of reasons for keeping your rain gutters clean. Dirty gutters prevent the flow of rain water so it will stay in the gutter and increase the likeliness of mosquitoes. It will also cause the dirty water to run down your house and dirty the paint or siding. In the summer, the leaves and sticks can get very dry and this can be a fire hazard. There are many ways you can clean your gutters, so you can choose the safest and most convenient for you.

8 August 2017

How To Select A Fireplace Mantel That Will Beautify Your Home

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A fireplace is beautiful in and of itself. However, if you want your fireplace to be as beautiful as possible, much of the beauty lies in the fireplace mantle. This is the portion of the fireplace that surrounds the box that stores the fireplace and logs. To make your fireplace look truly unique, you will need to decide what type of stone mantle you will use: The Stone Material Find out what type of stone material is used for the fireplace.

4 August 2017

Considerations For Having A Fence Gate Installed

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If you're hiring a residential fencing contractor to build a fence in your yard, you might also wish to include a gate. While some homeowners simply opt for a fence that divides their home and the homes of the neighbors, having a gate is necessary if you wish to fully enclose your yard. Typically, you'll want the gate to be made of the same materials as the fence, but there are several other things to think about before the project begins.

2 August 2017

Are Pigeons And Other Pest Birds Ruining Your Building's Exterior?

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If you're tired of hosing down your sidewalk every morning or catching glimpses of your business's white-spackled roof while you pass by, you may wonder whether there's anything you can do to make your building less attractive to pigeons and other pest birds. While most traditional extermination methods can be tougher to implement when it comes to outside pests as compared to indoor ones, there are a few tried and true ways to reduce the impact of pigeons on your building.

27 July 2017