Care, Cleaning, And Maintenance Recommendations For New Granite Countertops

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A kitchen remodel will improve the appearance and function of the most used room of your home, especially when you install new granite countertops that shine and gleam with natural color and brilliance. But it is important to protect and care for your new kitchen countertops so they can last as long as possible and look amazing the entire time. Here are some care, cleaning, and maintenance recommendations for you to take care of your granite countertop.

Keep It Clean

When it comes to cleaning your granite countertops, you don't need to over-complicate the process. First off, don't ever use an abrasive cleaner or cleaning scrubber on the surface, but only use soft cleaning cloths or paper towels. And don't use a window cleaner or any cleaner containing bleach or vinegar. And you also don't need to use a specialty cleaner to wipe off the surface.

The best cleaner you can use on your granite surface is a mixture of half-and-half isopropyl alcohol and water, or warm soapy water. Be mindful that the granite countertop can collect a residue from soap, so be sure you rinse it clean after wiping it to remove any buildup that can be left behind.

Prevent Damage

Although granite countertops are a durable and long-lasting surface in your kitchen they can become stained and scratched from improper care and use. It will withstand regular use and food preparation, but you still need to take some extra care that you don't cause it permanent damage. Don't stand or kneel on your countertop because this can cause the slab to crack. So, for example, if you need to get to an upper cabinet to reach a dish stored there, use a step stool instead so you don't cause damage to the surface.

Also, be careful you don't drop heavy items onto the surface, which can cause cracks and chips to form. Chips from the surface of the granite can be common along the edges and corners of your granite slab. If a piece does chip off of the surface of your countertop, you can apply it back into place with a repair epoxy.

Seal Your Countertop

Some granite countertops are sealed when they are cut and polished prior to being installed in your home. However, if your granite countertop is not sealed, you will need to perform this task every few months, or as recommended by your installation professional. Check with your granite supplier to see if this step is required, which you can complete easily at home with a sealant spray application.


13 November 2020

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