Tips for Making a Standard Closet Feel Like a Walk-In Closet

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Even though the average size of an American home has tripled over the past 50 years, Americans are spending more than ever on storage units and storage solutions. If you're looking to make the most out of your closet space but you don't have the budget to actually make them bigger, here are a few ways to get the job done with a custom closet system.

1. Start Tall

The most underutilized space in most closets in the space between the top shelf and the ceiling. There are several custom closet solutions that help you utilize every square inch of this space, in a way that still allows you to have easy access.

Railing and Ladder: your custom closet organization solution professional can install a railing and mobile ladder. This type of system gives you the freedom to store items you might not use as often (jackets in the summer, tank tops in the winter) without having to pack them away in a different location in your home or in a storage unit.

Retractable Shelving: another top-of-the-closet-solution is having a retractable top shelving unit installed. These systems fold up with mechanical lever the snugs up tightly to the ceiling. When you want to access the item on this shelf, you engage the lever fold down the shelving. Although you still might need a step stool (particularly if it's a child's closet), the space you'll save can make your closet feel much bigger.

2. Apply Horseshoe Priorities

Most conventional closets are built in a horseshoe layout, with the door/entrance opening up to clothes rack and/or drawers. To get the most out of your closet, you should consider utilizing each respective wall of the closet separately. For instance, you have custom cubbies build into the right wall for shoes and/or folded items, while you use the left side of the closet for shirts/pants, and the back of the closet for suits/jackets.

Regardless of what configuration you pick, you should prioritize what you wear the most often. Providing maximum access for your most commonly worn types of clothes, shoes, and accessories can help you ensure that your closet has maximum functionality. The best custom closet organization contractors can you give computer models of your closet in many shapes, sizes, and configurations. They should also be able to show you similar closets, both before and after, they create their custom organization solutions for their customers.


10 March 2020

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