How To Add An Eclectic Feel To Your Home With Accessories

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One of the most affordable ways for you to update your home or change the vibe is to switch out your accessories. While switching out larger items like furniture and rugs can make a big impact, they can also require a big budget. If you want to add an eclectic vibe to your house and make it feel less like a big box store and more like something that's been curated, then there are a few accessories that you may want to add to your spot. 

New lighting

Every new build in America comes with what people refer to as the "boob light." These affordable flush mounts are simple and lack a lot of character. If you want to add that eclectic vibe to your house, then updating the ceiling light can go a long way and you don't have to spend a fortune on them. One particular style that you may want to consider is the schoolhouse style. These types of light fixtures tend to have milk glass which makes them look a little bit vintage. 

Antique American Stoneware

Whether you are looking for a large vase to put on your kitchen island or you want a big bowl to put on your dining room table, finding some antique American Stoneware pieces can add just the right touch to your home without breaking the bank. The fun thing about buying Antique stoneware in particular is that it tends to come with more character than stoneware that you would buy at your local home boutique. 

Another fun thing about antique stoneware is that you can mix different pieces so that they do look more eclectic and collected. For instance, you can get one piece of white stoneware to go with a piece of navy stoneware and the designs will still tie together. 

Picture Frames

Picture frames always make a nice touch on a side table in your house. Look for picture frames that have a lot of detail or texture to add some character to your space. The number one thing to think about when buying a picture frame is the pictures that will go inside of them. Adding fun pictures of your friends and family can really make your place look more personalized and put together, which is something people will notice when they come over to your house. 

Rather than having a house that looks like everybody else's, try to create a home that looks and feels like you with a few different eclectic vibes. 


29 February 2020

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