4 Gutter Repairs That Give Your Gutters a Longer Life

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If your gutters are in bad shape due to old age or storm damage, save money and have them repaired if possible rather than replace the gutters. You'll need to replace gutters eventually, but repairs are less expensive and they can buy time so your gutters have a longer life. Call a gutter repair company to examine your system and make the necessary repairs. Here are some repairs they may need to make.

1. Strap Down A Loose Downspout

If the downspout straps are loose, the downspout is at risk of wind damage since a strong gust of wind could tear the downspout off or twist it. The solution is to tighten the straps or put new straps on so the downspout is held securely against the side of your house.

The repair person also makes sure the end of the downspout is pointed in the right direction so rain won't flow toward your foundation and cause water damage. The repair person will also look for cracks in the downspout and check for clogs. A downspout that doesn't leak and that empties water quickly is important for protecting your roof and foundation from water damage.

2. Patch a Small Hole

If your gutter trough has a small hole and it's in an area where repairs are possible, the gutter repair person might patch it. They could use silicone caulk on a tiny hole and a metal patch on larger ones, although if the hole is very big, your repair person might recommend replacing the section with a hole in it. Patching involves cutting a patch out of metal flashing and then sealing it over the hole so the repair is watertight.

3. Replace Old Caulk

Caulk that's used to seal seams in gutters deteriorates with age and sun exposure. If the caulk in your gutters is crumbling or leaking, the gutter repair service may remove all the old caulk by digging it out and then put new caulk in all the seams to make your gutters watertight again.

4. Replace or Tighten Hangers

Sagging is another serious problem with gutters. When gutters sag, water pools in the trough and then pours to the ground near your house. Gutters need to stay straight and slightly slanted so water rolls quickly to the downspout. Hangers can be tightened or have new nails put in.

If the hangers are backing out due to a rotted fascia board, the gutter repair company may need to replace the board if they offer that service. Then the gutter hangers can be installed on a solid board that provides better support.


12 July 2021

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