Rehanging A Damaged Door: When The Hinge Screws Don't Hold

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If you have a door in your home that isn't staying on the hinges properly, you should address it right away. If the screws are just loose in the door trim, addressing the problem now will keep the hinge from coming off the door frame entirely. If it has come off the door frame, you can reduce the chances of more damage to the wood by fixing it properly instead of just trying to get it to hold together. Here's a look at what you need to know to fix it.

Remove The Door

Start by taking the door off the hinges. Pull the hinge pins for both of the door hinges, then slide the door away. When you do, it separates the hinges and frees the door without damaging the screws or the door frame any further. Set the door aside and put the hinge pins somewhere safe. You will need them to reassemble the door.

Identify Which Hinge Side Is The Problem

The next thing you need to do is figure out which side of the hinge is the problem. Is the issue on the door side or the frame side? Is the hinge bent from the screws shifting? If so, you'll want to buy a new hinge. If not, just remove the screws from the affected hinge plate side and set the hinge plate and screws aside.

Repair The Screw Holes

The only way that you can restore the space for the screws to improve grip is if you patch and fill the screw holes. To do that, you need to drill out each screw hole larger than its original size. In many cases, aiming for a half-inch drill bit can work for plenty of space. Once you drill it out, cut a half-inch wooden dowel into small wooden pegs to fit the holes that you drilled out. Make sure the pegs fill the entire hole. Use wood glue or putty filler to hold those pegs in place and sand the surface flat.

Replace The Door

Drill pilot holes for the hinge screws. Then, attach the hinge plate with the screws so that it is secure. Then, hang the door back on the hinges and replace the hinge pins. This should restore the proper door function.

These are the steps to take to fix a door that's coming off the hinges. Contact a home improvement store for more information.


7 November 2022

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