2 Crucial Complements Of A Drinking Water System: What You Need To Know

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Drinking water has to meet certain quality and safety standards before it is considered potable or safe to drink. For water to meet these standards, it must go through a drinking water system. A drinking water system consists of several different parts that work together to clean and purify the water. 

Take a look at the main parts of a drinking water system and how they work together to ensure that the water we drink is safe.


The reservoir is where water is stored before it goes through the drinking water system. This could be a lake, river, or underground aquifer. The water in the reservoir is usually untreated and not safe to drink. The raw water must be treated before it can be used as drinking water.

Raw water from the reservoir is pumped into the drinking water system through a series of pipes and through the intake screen. The intake screen is a metal grate that filters out large pieces of debris, such as sticks and leaves. This helps protect the rest of the drinking water system from damage.

The raw water goes through a series of filters and treatment processes before storing it in the finished water reservoir. The finished water reservoir is where treated drinking water is stored until it is ready to be distributed.

Reservoirs are important because they help regulate water flow through the drinking water system. By controlling the release of water from the reservoir, drinking water systems can ensure a consistent supply of treated drinking water.

Pressure Tank

The pressure tank is where treated drinking water is stored until it is needed. The pressure tank is usually located above the ground, on an elevated platform, or in a taller building. This helps to ensure that the drinking water has enough pressure to flow through the system and to your tap.

The pressure tank is connected to the distribution system, a series of pipes that carry drinking water to homes and businesses. When you turn on your tap, the pressure in the tank forces the drinking water through the distribution system and into your home.

The size of the pressure tank depends on the size of the drinking water system. Larger systems may have multiple pressure tanks since they need to store more drinking water. They may also have more than one distribution system to ensure that drinking water can still be delivered even if one system is down.

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14 September 2022

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