Chimney Services That You May Need To Hire For Your Home

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The chimney may be a part of your fireplace that you do not give much thought to. However, it is a part of your home that may need to be regularly serviced by chimney contractors. These professionals can provide a wide range of services that can help your home to get a strong performance from its chimneys.

Routine Cleanings For The Chimney's Interior

Routine cleaning of the interior of the chimney is a service that homeowners will often need to have completed. Professional chimney services will have tools that can effectively remove the ash, grime, and soot that has collected inside the chimney. Depending on the amount of use that your chimney will experience, this type of work may be needed every year in order to prevent obstructions from restricting the movement of smoke and heat through the chimney. 

Repairing Mortar That Has Started To Fail

The mortar on your chimney's exterior is one of the areas that will be the most likely to develop problems as the chimney ages. The heat that the mortar may experience can be enough to cause it to start to degrade. As the mortar degrades, it will start to chip and flake. This can weaken the bricks that are being supported by the mortar. In advanced instances of this damage, individual bricks may actually fall out of the chimney. Repairing this damage should also be a priority if you are to keep the chimney stable.

Capping And Uncapping A Chimney

There are homes that may have chimneys that are no longer used or the homeowner may decide that they do not want to use their fireplace for a long time. This can often be the case when individuals have very young children as they may wish to avoid the risk of the child suffering accidental burns by getting too close to the burning fire. When you are not anticipating needing to use the chimney anymore or for a protracted time, it should be capped. Placing a cap over the opening of the chimney can improve the energy efficiency of your home by eliminating this source of heat loss. However, it can also protect the home by making it extremely difficult for squirrels and other small animals to enter the interior through the chimney. If you decide that you want to use the fireplace again in the future, the cap that was placed over it may be easily removed so that you can safely use this feature of your property.


18 May 2022

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