Are You Selecting The Lighting For Your Kitchen?

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Are you building a new home? Or, it might be that you are redecorating an existing kitchen in the house you've lived in for many years. From selecting fluorescent lights and the covers for them to selecting decorative accents for your kitchen decorating project, here are some ideas that might help you.

Start With Fluorescent Lights - Are you replacing your old lighting with fluorescent lights? If so, you have probably done so because they are more energy-efficient. Choosing long fluorescent light bulbs in light fixtures that will cover a large space just makes sense, doesn't it? 

On the other hand, you might not be crazy about the look of the fluorescent lights. If that's the case, consider buying covers for them. You can go pretty wild with covers for fluorescent lights. For example, have you seen covers that actually mimic nature? Select the look of trees or clouds to bring real drama into your kitchen. You can even choose something like sunflowers for the design of your fluorescent light covers

You'll be spending money on light covers anyway, so you might as well make them truly unique and attractive. Besides, you'll more than likely find that the light covers are a lot more affordable than you thought they'd be. In addition, they are constructed so well that you will have them for a long time. 

Add Decorative Accents - Are you even getting to buy new kitchen furniture? If so, what kind of mood do you want to establish? If you selected sunflowers for the covers for your fluorescent lights, think of going with a farm theme for your furniture. For example, choose unpainted furniture and paint it the same color as the sunflowers. 

If you went with the covers that depict trees, think of going with a garden theme for your kitchen furniture selection. White wicker furniture or wrought iron patio furniture might be perfect choices for a garden-themed kitchen.

Did you choose covers that have a psychedelic design? If so, think of choosing metal furniture to set a contemporary look in your kitchen. Add interest to the metal kitchen furniture by selecting seat cushions that will complement the psychedelic design of the fluorescent covers. For example, a multi-color paisley design for the seat cushion upholstery might be perfect with your colorful fluorescent light covers.

Besides the furniture selection, think of other accent pieces for your kitchen. For example, if you went with the sunflowers for the fluorescent light cover, simply put a Mason jar full of faux sunflowers on your kitchen table.


9 April 2019

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