Why You Should Get New Curtains

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Curtains make a huge difference in the way individual rooms look in your home. Whether you want curtains in the bedroom, living area, kitchen, or even the bathroom, new window design treatments can really add value to your living space. Here are reasons you should get new curtains, whether you already have drapes on your windows or you leave your windows bare.

You help block out sunlight

There are many blackout curtain varieties on the market that allow you to keep too much sunlight from getting into your home. This is beneficial in the summer as you don't want to spend extra money trying to keep your house cool when the sun keeps getting inside. In the winter, the curtains are also beneficial, as they will keep the heat inside and help lower your heating costs in the cooler months.

You can invest in many different colors of blackout curtains for your main, sun-facing rooms. Blackout curtains also have the benefit of being private in design, making these curtains ideal for the living room, dining area, and bedroom spaces.

You add dimension to smaller rooms

Windows in smaller rooms can become a focal point to give dimension to these smaller, compact areas. Use layers to make windows stand out. Start with thin or sheer curtains with a lacy overlay. You can stick to pastels, metallic colors, or even choose a pattern of shades to make your windows glamorous in smaller rooms like bathrooms, bedrooms, home offices.

You protect blinds and shades

If you have blinds or shades on your windows, you protect your privacy barriers by adding window treatments. Keep curtains over shades and blinds when you want to keep sunlight from coming inside, then open the curtains when you want to use the blinds to allow more sunlight inside. You also complement shades and blinds and make these adornments more modern when you add beautiful sections of curtains and drapes.

You can customize your curtains and drapes to match your home's current decor, or you can buy standard window design treatments at your local home improvement store. Longer drapes make your windows look larger, so keep this in mind when choosing a length for curtain sizes. A tailor or seamstress can cut your window designs so they fit your windows best. Make sure to steam clean or professionally care for your new curtains often to keep them looking nicer, longer.

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15 January 2019

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