Things To Know If You Are Considering Installing A Gas Fireplace

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Adding a fireplace to your house can be an excellent upgrade for those wanting to improve the comfort, appearance, and value of their homes. When considering the options for adding a fireplace, you should understand more about gas burning systems, so you can avoid overlooking this practical and effective option.

What Are The Advantages Of Opting For A Gas Burning Fireplace?

An important advantage of having a gas burning fireplace is that it will be much easier to use and clean. In contrast to a wood burning fireplace, there will be very little soot or ash produced by a gas burning system. While it will still be necessary to clean these fireplaces, this work will typically be limited to wiping the important components of the system, such as the burner and glass.

Will A Gas Burning Fireplace Have An Unattractive Appearance?

Individuals often assume that a gas burning fireplace will not be a very attractive device to have in their homes. However, it is possible to outfit these fireplaces with gas inserts that can provide a natural and pleasing appearance for these fireplaces. Your gas inserts will need to be periodically replaced, as they will suffer wear from the intense heat of the flame, but this will typically only be necessary once every few years.

Is It Necessary To Clean The Chimney Or Flue For The Gas Fireplace?

Just like a traditional wood burning fireplace, your gas one will need a flue or chimney to vent the gases that are produced by the fire. Over time, the interior of the chimney or flue will start to become coated in a layer of residue and ash. In order to prevent this part of the system from becoming clogged, you should have it professionally cleaned every year. This simple and affordable form of maintenance will help to keep the fireplace working efficiently and safely.

Do Gas Fireplaces Require Any Special Care To Prepare Them For The Off Season Or The Start Of Winter?

Before you use the fireplace for the first time in several months, you will want to be sure that you thoroughly wipe down the burner to remove dust or other substances that could impede the flow of gas to the flame. When spring arrives, you will want to take steps to properly shut down the fireplace. One of the most important things that you should do to prepare your fireplace for the summer is to cap the chimney or flue. This will prevent animals from nesting or becoming trapped in this part of the system.

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12 October 2017

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