Why Is Your Water Heater Making So Much Noise?

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One of the more unexpected problems with a water heater is that it sometimes makes noises. In most instances, the noise is not cause for concern. In others, it could mean that water heater repair is on the horizon. If your water heater is being noisy, here is what you need to know.

What Is Causing the Noise?

There are several possible causes for the noisy water heater, but the most likely is that there is a buildup of sediment in its tank. Over time, sediment from the water supply finds its way into your hot water tank and settles at the bottom. As that happens, air can sometimes become trapped in with the sediment. When the water heats up, the air bubbles rise as steam develops and noise results.

Although a sediment buildup is likely the reason, there is a chance that the noise could be the result of fluctuations in the water pressure. Water heaters sometimes have heat traps installed that are designed to help with the efficiency of the appliance. Occasionally, the trap can cause a slight ticking noise.

The noise that is emitting from your water heater might not originate with the appliance. If your water heater makes a loud knocking noise, there is a possibility that a problem with your home's plumbing lines is causing it. When the water is abruptly cut off, the water is sometimes forced back towards the water heater since it no longer has an outlet to go. If that is the case, your water heater and plumbing lines could be in danger of disrepair.

What Can You Do?

If the source of the noise is sediment buildup, you can solve the issue without the need for a plumber. Simply draining your tank and flushing it can remove the sediment. You can use vinegar and a wire brush to clean the tank and ensure that all the sediment has been removed.

A noise problem caused by a heat trap can be easily resolved by removing the device. The trap is attached to the point where the heater is connected to your plumbing. It is important to note that removing the heat trap can have a slight impact on the water heater's overall efficiency.

Other problems, including water attempting to return to the water heater, needs to be assessed and repaired by an experienced plumber. Waiting to diagnose the problem and have it professionally repaired could lead to higher bills later. 


22 August 2017

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