Basic Questions About Using Rain Chains Rather Than Downspouts

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Homeowners will often assume that traditional gutter systems are the only option that they will have for managing the runoff that comes from their roofs. While these systems will be effective, they can be aesthetically unappealing. In particular, the downspout can be a particularly unattractive part of the gutter system, but it is possible to opt for a rain chain instead.

Why Would You Want A Rain Chain Rather Than A Traditional Downspout?

Traditional downspouts can be extremely unattractive for a number of reasons, and this will often be one of the primary reasons individuals will opt for this type of downspout. However, there are other benefits as well. For example, the water coming from the downspout will be traveling at great speeds and this can erode the soil around this drain. In contrast, the water coming from the rain chain will be traveling at much lower speeds, which will greatly reduce the erosion that is caused by this runoff. Another benefit of these chains is that they will often make gentle sounds that can be relaxing during storms.

Will A Rain Chain Be As Effective As A Downspout?

There are some homeowners that might be unsure about having a rain chain installed due to being worried that these devices will not be as effective as traditional downspouts. Luckily, this is not the case as these devices will be able to move a comparable amount of water. In fact, some of these systems may be able to move water from your gutters more quickly due to their design. When buying one of these devices, they will be rated for the amount of water that they can move, which will make it easier for you to decide whether this will be sufficient for your gutters.

How Do You Care For A Rain Chain?

It is often assumed that a rain chain will be extremely difficult to maintain. However, these devices are extremely resilient against corrosion, and this will greatly reduce the amount of maintenance that you will have to do. Typically, the only task that you will need to do for your rain chain will be to clean it as algae and moss may start to grow in it. Ideally, you should remove these substances before they are able to form large masses as these will be more difficult to remove. By simply treating the rain chain with an appropriate sanitizer, you can neutral these substances before they are able to become serious problems.


20 August 2017

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