A Few Permits You May Need For Your Remodeling Project

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If you are thinking about remodeling your home, be sure to talk with the local department for building permits. While you can paint the inside and outside of your house as you please, there are many other projects that will require you to submit the plans and have them approved to be awarded a building permit. Some of the projects may also require an inspection once the work is done. Here are just a few projects you should start planning early to be sure to have the needed permits before you begin the work.


When you decide it is time to erect a fence around your property, you need to go to the assessor's office to look at the survey of the place. You need to be sure that where you are placing the fence is completely on your property and will not violate any easements or right-of-ways. In addition, check with the building department to find out if there are any restrictions for fence heights. You may need a permit, or only need one if it is going to be higher than the normal limit.

Electrical and Plumbing

Any time you are making changes or additions to the electrical or plumbing of the building you are going to need permits and inspections. When you apply for a permit, you will be given information that will help you complete the work. It is important that the work is done up to code and the only way the county can be sure of this is by having a professional inspect what was done. One way to be sure it is done right is to have a professional do it. This person may also be able to perform the inspection.


If you will be adding a room or two to your home, you may need a number of permits depending on what type of room it will be. Almost every addition will need to have some electrical work. If you are adding a bathroom, plumbing will need to be done as well. Do not forget to have everything approved by the Fire Marshall as well.

If you are having a contractor do the work, he or she will know what permits and inspections are needed. However, to be on the safe side, you should double check this. After all, it will be you who is fined or has to have the work torn out because you did not have the right permissions. Contact a service, like Brian Davis Remodeling LLC, to get started.


18 August 2017

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