5 Types Of Buildings Metal Roofs Are Great For

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Metal is a versatile roofing material that has several benefits and is useful in a variety of roofing situations. Here are five different types of buildings that metal roofs are well-suited for. If you have any of these buildings, consider getting a metal roof installed on the building the next time it needs a new roof.

Homes (Especially Those in the Northern U.S.)

Metal roofs are simply a good all-around type of roof that balances different features well. This makes the roofs perfect for installing on homes, where homeowners are looking for a roof that has several features. With a metal roof, homeowners get a roof that's:

  • Durable, so they won't have to replace it for a while
  • Low maintenance, so they won't have to make repairs often
  • Energy efficient, so they'll save on their heating and cooling bills
  • Nonflammable, so their house won't burn as quickly if it catches fire
  • Environmentally friendly, so they can feel good about using recycled building materials

Homeowners throughout the country are able to enjoy these benefits, but another feature makes metal roofs especially well-suited for homes in the Northern United States. Because metal roofs are smoother than shingle roofs, snow and ice slide off of metal roofs more easily. This makes it easier to keep snow off of a roof, which is an ongoing wintertime task in the snowy Northern U.S.

Seasonal Residences 

For many of the reasons listed above, metal roofs are also well-suited for seasonal residences. It's these roofs' durability, however, that makes them particularly great choices for houses that are only used part of the year.

Because metal roofs are durable, homeowners don't have to worry about them during the offseason when a seasonal residence isn't in use or being checked on. They can withstand winds up to 140 miles per hour, lightning won't ignite them and (as mentioned) snow will slide off of them. They'll fare much better than other kinds of roofs even in severe storms.

Storage Sheds and Secondary Buildings

Additionally, metal roofs are a good choice for storage sheds and any other secondary buildings that don't need to be heated or cooled.

When the temperature inside a secondary building isn't a concern, a simple metal roof can be installed directly onto the roof's rafters. The metal won't do much to insulate the building, but in secondary structures that's often not a problem.

Prefabricated Metal Buildings

Of course, metal roofs are ideal for prefabricated metal buildings, such as those used by some businesses. If metal is a suitable building material for a structure's walls, then it's also suitable for the structure's roof. As an added benefit, a metal roof can be designed to match the metal walls of a prefabricated building.

Family Estates

Metal roofs' long life spans make them great choices for family estates that have been in a family for generations (and will continue to be). Because buildings on family estates will be owned by family members for a long time, it makes sense to invest in a type of roof that will last -- and metal roofs are the longest lasting roofs.

Copper roofs, in particular, afford unsurpassed longevity. Copper roofs cost more than all other kinds of roofs, including other types of metal roofs. They can last for centuries, though, making them an investment in the future of a family estate. One church in Philadelphia still has a copper roof that was installed in 1742.

Moreover, a copper roof will also create a distinctive look for a family estate. Its shine will make a building's roof stand out from among the surrounding structures.


16 August 2017

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