Here There Be Dragons--4 Ways To Bring Your Favorite Fantasy Works Into Your Yard

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If you're a fan of fantasy, creating a fantastical wonderland in your own yard is a dream come true. But, how can you go about making your property into a themed paradise? Here are 4 ideas for any fan. 

Let Fly the Dragons. Nothing says fantasy and imagination quite like a dragon, and you can incorporate these mythical creatures into your décor any number of ways. Dragon statues come in all sizes, colors, and materials so you can find some that appeal to you. Try a multi-piece dragon that "disappears" into the expanse of a green lawn or the water of a backyard pond. Or add dragon statues holding lanterns, orbs, or even torches to light your walkways. Make a hidden treasure by placing a few small dragons as though perched in the branches of your trees. 

Go to Wonderland. Alice's adventures in the looking-glass are a classic fantasy that inspires countless other tales. You can create a Wonderland-themed fantasy using props that reflect the story. Hide a few dramatic, classical mirrors or decorate with a bold and vivid teapot design. Giant mushroom statues serve as the perfect focal point for a lush and overgrowing garden. Add a rabbit hole to your garden bed with some classical timepieces to remind everyone not to be late for any important dates! 

Hide Away With Fairies. Magical fairies are one of the most popular fantasy trend, and it's easy to find playful yard décor in this style. Fairy statues and fountains provide a simple base for your new style. Want to have some real fun with the theme? Create a tiny fairy home at the base of a tree or near a small pond. You can decorate with tiny, rustic doll furniture, bonsai trees, small playhouses, and pebbles for stonework. It's a chance to build something truly unique and show your creative side. 

Pick a Film. If you have a particular fantasy movie or show that you love, you can build a theme around that. Are you a Game of Thrones aficionado? Decorate with dragon eggs, a medieval décor, or even a replica Iron Throne. More of a Disney buff? Decorate a wintry yard with Olaf and the Scandinavian background props of Frozen. Or incorporate Sleeping Beauty's castle with a dragon statue to menace it. Centering your décor on a single book, movie, or series will help you keep focused and harmonious. 

No matter what type of fantasy elements you love most, there are a myriad of ways to embrace it in your own backyard. Why not get started today?


12 August 2017

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