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There are a lot of reasons for keeping your rain gutters clean. Dirty gutters prevent the flow of rain water so it will stay in the gutter and increase the likeliness of mosquitoes. It will also cause the dirty water to run down your house and dirty the paint or siding. In the summer, the leaves and sticks can get very dry and this can be a fire hazard. There are many ways you can clean your gutters, so you can choose the safest and most convenient for you.

Ladder and gloves: The easiest and most convenient way to clean the gutters is to climb up on your ladder and pull the debris out with gloved hands. While this is the simplest way, it can also be dangerous if you have a problem with heights, or even if you have an inner ear infection or other issues that can affect your balance.

Gutter cleaner accessories and a shop vacuum: Many people already have a shop vacuum. If you do, then you may just need to buy a few attachments to go with it. These include a long plastic hose that's capable of reaching the height you need and a curved plastic attachment that allows you to fit it into the gutters to suck everything out. This allows you to clean them from the ground.

Gutter cleaner tongs: These tongs are designed just for the purpose of reaching right into the gutter and plucking out leaves. They work just like pick up sticks designed to help you pick up debris off of the ground without the need to bend over, only in reverse. You will aim the end into the gutter and control the grabbing mechanism from the handle portion of the tongs.

Gutter screens: Gutter screens won't help you to clean out your gutters that have leaves in them already, but they will help you when it comes to keeping them from getting in there in the first place. Once you have them installed on the rain gutters, they have small spaces just the right size to allow the rain water in, while keeping other objects out. This way, you don't have to worry about regularly cleaning them out.

Gutter cleaning companies: The easiest way on you to have your gutters cleaned out is to simply hire a company to do it for you. This way, you can take the burden and any safety hazards off your list of concerns and know professionals are taking care of business for you.

Contact a gutter company, like Mile High Seamless Gutters, Inc., for more help.


8 August 2017

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