How To Select A Fireplace Mantel That Will Beautify Your Home

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A fireplace is beautiful in and of itself. However, if you want your fireplace to be as beautiful as possible, much of the beauty lies in the fireplace mantle. This is the portion of the fireplace that surrounds the box that stores the fireplace and logs. To make your fireplace look truly unique, you will need to decide what type of stone mantle you will use:

The Stone Material

Find out what type of stone material is used for the fireplace. Because the stone must be resistant to the heat caused by the fireplace, there are limitations in what type of stone can be used. Also, the stone must be a material that is resistant to the staining effects of smoke and soot. In general, the stone should be sealed because it tends to be porous and can be very vulnerable to staining. 

Mantel Colors

There are many standard colors that cast stone mantels can come in, such as pearl, white or limestone. Typically, the stone is not painted. However, it may be possible to stain the mantel. It is important to decide whether you would like your fireplace to appear aged because the stone can be antiquated or stressed in order to achieve a specific look and texture. 

Customizing The Stone

One of the great things about buying a new cast stone mantel is that these mantels are handcrafted. So even though efforts are made to achieve a specific look, each mantel will be unique. Also, given the fact that stones often have different veins that can affect the appearance of the mantel, your fireplace will look unique in this regard as well. 

Lightweight And Inexpensive Options

Mantels made entirely out of stone may be desirable because they are more authentic, but there are more lightweight and less expensive options that use a combination of stone and Portland cement. These options are highly recommended because they look like the real thing.

Maintaining The Beauty Of The Mantel

After a sealant has been applied, it is not difficult to maintain the beauty of the mantel. It can be cleaned simply with mild soap and water. If you are unsure about how a cleaner will affect the mantel, it is important to always test it on a small area. But the best way to be sure is to talk to the cast stone mantel distributor and ask for a recommendation for the type of cleaner that you should use. 

Contact a cast stone fireplace mantel distributor for more information and assistance. 


4 August 2017

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