Considerations For Having A Fence Gate Installed

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If you're hiring a residential fencing contractor to build a fence in your yard, you might also wish to include a gate. While some homeowners simply opt for a fence that divides their home and the homes of the neighbors, having a gate is necessary if you wish to fully enclose your yard. Typically, you'll want the gate to be made of the same materials as the fence, but there are several other things to think about before the project begins. Don't be afraid to ask your fencing contractor for some advice about the construction of the gate, as the right gate design and elements will be highly convenient for you and your family.

Spring Action

One thing to think about in advance of the project is whether or not you want the gate to operate with the help of a spring. One or two heavy springs attached to the gate and the frame around it can help the gate to close promptly. This can be ideal if you have children or pets, as you won't want the gate to be left open to allow them out of your yard. However, if you anticipate frequently using the gate to carry gardening supplies in and out of your yard, you'll want the fencing contractor to install some sort of hook apparatus so that you can keep the door open without it slamming shut on you.


Failing to make the fence gate wide enough can cause you considerable strife in the years ahead. While there's no universally "right" width for a fence gate, you want it to be easily accessible. Think about the widest objects that you'll need to take through the gate and then ensure that gate is wide enough. For example, if you keep a trailer with an ATV in your backyard, you'll perhaps want a double gate that opens wide enough to permit the trailer to go through.


In most cases, residential fences are solid and don't permit others to see into your yard. Where the gate is concerned, however, you might wish to include some sort of window. The window opening can simply be a hole cut in a wooden gate, but it can also be a little more intricate — perhaps with an aluminum insert with some rungs or other design elements. Although you might not spend much time looking through the gate window, its presence can create a pleasant, welcoming look at the front of your house.


2 August 2017

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